ECHAlliance International Network of Connected Health Ecosystems

ECHAlliance supports national and regional governments to build permanent Connected Health Ecosystems, which improve health and social care at the same time as creating economic benefits. The Ecosystems are linked through the International Network of Connected Health Ecosystems

What is a connected health ecosystem?

A connected health ecosystem is a permanent, mutually beneficial partnership which brings stakeholders together in a defined geographical area with the goal of improving health and social care and creating economic benefits through the uptake of connect health solutions.

—The partners include:

—  > Funders and providers of health and social care (public and private)

—  > Government and policy makers

—  > Patient groups and organizations

—  > Research organisations and education providers

—  >  Industry providers of supporting devices, IT, software, telecoms, drugs and services, etc

—The principle of the ecosystems is simple: by engaging with the whole spectrum of connected health stakeholders, we can break down organisational silos to accelerate the adoption and spread of connected health solutions.

Why an international network?

— > Countries and regions share similar challenges and are often seeking to address the same problems

— >  Learn from each other, share challenges and identify common solutions

— > We don’t have to reinvent the wheel

The diagram below illustrates an ecosystem in action.

Ecosystem Graphic